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SE Coopermatics is a joint venture of Coopermatics Inc., a fifty year old business in coolant filtration (Northampton, Pennsylvania, USA) & Shivam Equipment (Pune, India). We support Customers worldwide for filtering any type of fluids such as coolants, EDM oil, bio-diesel, stamping oil, water, Aviation turbine fuel etc. Our systems filtering particles down to 5 microns in size and below 10 ppm. Our systems are used within diverse industries such as machining, manufacturing, cutting tool, aviation, automobile, oil and gas, process industry etc. We have two strategic facilities in India & one facility in USA.

We also have two additional facilities, strategically located in Asia & USA. Between the three facilities, operating at different time zones, we support our customers around the globe.

SECI: An international Joint-Venture (JV)
Shivam Equipments, Pune; 14 years in customized industrial filtration system.
Coopermatics Inc., USA; 50 years in pressure pre-coat filtration systems.

JV supports you from 3 facilities.
(i) Pune, Maharashtra. (ii) Pennsylvania, USA. (iii) Kochi (SEZ), Kerala.

• 50+ resources available for 24/7 support.
• 50+ resources available for 24/7 support.
• 1500+ operating filtration systems around the world.
• Combined annual turn over exceeds Rs 22 crores.
• International Certifications.

Major Industries : Cutting Tool, Aviation, Machining, Bearing, Automobile, Oil-Bio diesel

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"First Choice for Industrial Filtration Systems in India"
To be the first choice for our customers through engineering, design, manufacture, assembly, installation, testing, and service of various types of filtration products that offers reliable and innovative solution to their challenges.


"One stop shopping and brand recognition for Coopermatics Systems"
To become technology provider through exchange of knowledge and information to gain To become technology provider through exchange of knowledge and information to gain recognition of our brand name and value in India and around the globe by manufacturing customized coolant filtration systems, chip handling systems, oil recovery systems for various industries by improving coolant life and product quality while maintaining green environment.


"Respect, Integrity, Commitment, Listening & Adapting"
We believe in fulfilling the aspirations of employees, customers, suppliers with integrity and commitment in our work practices by learning and adapting to situations presented to us.

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