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Coolant Filtration Systems

Coolant filtration system that is used to remove contaminants from your metalworking fluid. Our coolant filtration system will remove the solids and free oils no matter if it is a soluble oil, semi-synthetic, or synthetic machine coolant.

Our Coolant Filtration Systems Reduce:
• Waste disposal costs by 85% to 90%
• New fluid purchases by 45% to 80%

Defining Attributes of Coolant Filtration Systems :
• Provides clean coolant 24 hours a day for the whole shop.
• Automatic Proportioner-Automatically mixes coolant concentrate to maintain system levels and eliminate manual mixing errors
• Oil/ Water separator-bag filters separate free oils as well as solids and coalescing media.>
• Sizing and Volume-the coolant filtration system can handle the largest sump in any shop and provide coolant to several machines even in times of high demand.

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