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Vacuum Band Filters

Vacuum Band Filters

Working Of the System :

vacuum band filter is pressure filter, works on the principle of negative pressure. conveyer is provided to support the filter paper & to take out waste filter paper out from the filter. coolant is fed to the filter by gravity through diffuser box. diffuser box is provided to reduce the velocity of the coolant thus to avoid tearing off the filter paper.

negative pressure ( Vacuum ) is generated below the filter paper with the help of a Vacuum pump. the clean coolant is sucked by pressure with this arrangement.
when swarf is accumalted on filter paper, it starts choking of filter paper. this in turn increases the negative pressure ( amount of Vacuum drops). when it reaches the preset negative value, vacuum switch provided gives signal to the conveyerer motor for indexing. Vacuum switch is provided on suction pipe of pump to sense the negative pressure. the conveyer moves along with the choked paper. this brings clean paper which in turn increases

The negative pressure. once the specified pressure is reached, the conveyer stops.choked paper along with the swarf is colelcted in the collection bin. this filters are very useful when a lot of grinding swarf along with abrasive of the grinding wheel is generated and need very fine level of filtration. the swarf alongwith the abrasive dust helps to create cake on the filter paper which itself acts as a filter media for the further fine filtraion.

in roll coolant system blowers are used to generate Vacuum instead of pumps. it is because ,in roll coolant system the swarfgeneration is comparatively less. there is only scaling of the sheet and atmosphere dirt. the pumps generate considerably high Vacuum. with this there is possibility of sucking the small particles through the filter hence for roll coolant system blowers are used to crease the vacuum instead of pump.

Main Features :
• Inlet Diffuser Box
• vacuum band filetr with conveyer
• Supply Pump
• Dust Collecting Bin

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